When Poetry Meets Rap: Mr.Traficante, a Man With Powerful and Universal Lyrics



Mr. Traficante has songs ready to fit onto your favorite playlist

Mr. Traficante has a unique connection to music, poetry, and rap. His father and grandmother both enjoyed writing poetry. After the family influence, thanks to those poetry classes in school that enticed Mr. Traficante to write songs. Mr. Traficante, like his father and grandmother, enjoyed writing to express themselves. Traficante would take his favorite songs, change the lyrics, and create his remixes from a young age. He eventually began composing his songs. With his love and passion for music, he began freestyling with friends, followed by shows and battle raps.

Mr. Traficante has come from humble origins. He considers himself a dark horse. At first, he used to hate that, but now he loves it because it continues to drive him forward. Mr. Traficante experiments with many tunes and plays with a variety of genres. For him, music is motivation. When he had the right beat stunned the brain cells, it provided him the fuel to push aside everything, keep going, and head towards the goal. It seems that Mr. Traficante has got mutual thoughts: 

 "I love when music associates itself with an experience you had, and the music can bring that feeling back out in you when you hear it."

Creating songs is heavily influenced by what is happening around them or the creator's feelings. It could take 5 minutes for a piece to come to life or five months of experimenting. It's all about when the beat clicks inside of you. Traficante was always a big music fan. Music provides various energies. Mr. Traficantes' music is driven by desire and determination. He channels through music and uses it to express himself. Traficante's music has aggressive elements that can motivate someone to go hard. However, he has music that provides positive vibes, setting the mood for a good timer and calming one's nerves. He is an all-rounder.

Mr. Traficante's music has received several hundred thousand views across all platforms. He has multiple record deals with various tracks. He has performed in a few prestigious venues. His music was played on Hot 97, a significant hip-hop radio station on the east coast that broadcasts in cities such as New York and New Jersey. Traficante wishes to grow and learn through his music. He envisioned sold-out arenas and his face on billboards and plaques, but those aren't the only things he strives for. He wants to help many people around him through his music. He'd like to provide an opportunity to motivate and help people get to a better place.








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