Manicc brings a Different Type of Flavor to Atlanta with their new single "Shake"

Atlanta is known for the star factor in the rap scene that includes a multitude of successful rappers and entertainers coming from all corners of the "Peach State." Atlanta natives Drew Toliver and Bruce Prelutsky bring the very lit underground EDM scene to the forefront with the formation of their DJ duo “Manicc” and the release of their debut single, “Shake”. The stigma of EDM just being noise and sounds is long gone and it’s because of fire tracks like this. If you are looking for a cool way to get into EDM and want to be ahead of the manufactured cookie cutter curve-by having the newest and latest-then you should be listening to Manicc. They are not new to this-they have rocked stages in their home state of Georgia, across the country, and even across the water! 

Manicc has amassed a loyal and ever-growing fanbase that is indicative of the level of talent and star power these two young DJs possess. You can hear the influence of more established DJ/Producers like Wax Motif, Walker & Royce, even a bit of Chris Lake over their infectious and dance-ready whomps and drops. The single “Shake” will make you get up and move, whether in the gym on the dance floor or just at home catching a vibe. We recommend you give this Techno House/Bass House banger a listen and be swept away into an instant party because “Manicc” is bringing the vibes and they can’t be denied! Be sure to connect with Manicc on social media and digital music platforms.






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