3Alphas Drops A New Single Titled "Only You"

 Talented R&B Trio, 3Alphas, announces the release of "Only You," another amazing blend of Pop and R&B

The 3Alphas, a trio of Corbin from Dallas, TX, T3 from Portland, OR, and Mr. Wes from Washington, D.C, have again reiterated their commitment to bringing back the true essence of good music. The new single "Only You" features the talented KXNG GENO and officially dropped on July 8th, 2021, taking lovers of good music on another amazing ride of impactful tunes.

The music industry witnessed a series of evolution over the years, thanks to the emergence of thousands of talented music artists, stakeholders, record labels, and music producers. Unfortunately, many of the songs coming out of speakers, especially R&B projects, have deviated from the true calling of the genre. However, the 3Alphas are looking to change this narrative with "Only You" further substantiating this claim.

The music group that formed on the cold, rainy night of October 2019 has continued to grow in popularity and acceptance among lovers of good music, dropping their first note for the music world in December 2019 with the cover of the Christmas favorite “Mary, Did You Know?” 

The 3Alphas has gone on to work their way into the hearts of lovers of good music across the globe, with their debut album titled "Dysfunction" enjoying massive airplay and streams amidst reviews from fans and listeners. The 3Alphas known as "THREE" is hoping to continue in their tradition of delivering entertaining yet thought-provoking songs. This attribute endeared the genre to millions of people back in the 90s with "Only You."

The talented members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, and graduates of the University of Arkansas are prepared to reintroduce real R&B to the music industry. The group writes, arranges, harmonizes, and performs all their songs, with every member playing a part in creating a full sound, and at the end of the day – THEY SANG. For more information about "Only You" and other works including upcoming showsevents, and music-join their email list. Also, be sure to connect with the 3Alphas on their website, social media, and digital music platforms.






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