Hip-Hop Artist, Easy Breezy delivers a message in his debut single, "Satisfied" 

Eazy Breezy is an aspiring Rapper/Hip-Hop Artist and has always inclined towards rap songs. Since childhood, he is most influenced by rappers like Eminem, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, and many others. For him, Hip-Hop is not just a genre but it's a complete support system - it can embrace you, deliver great messages hidden in deep lyrical wordplay, It can motivate you to see life with a different point of view especially in some verses where each bar is full of punchlines.

At an early age, Eazy Breezy drops out of school and establishes a business. Rap songs have always supported him in every stage- by motivating him and helping him- conquer all his problems in life. He started writing songs during his early 20's and his incredible career begins with a bang in 2020 with the release of his first single.

Since then, Eazy Breezy decides to put out music regularly that manages to thrill, delight, and inspire listeners —both old and new—and critics alike. Eazy wrote his song "Satisfied" because some of his fellow friends are unsatisfied and unhappy with their lives. "Satisfied" delivers all of the stories behind it and is more motivational like a blessing in disguise. "I believe that being born as a human is a bliss in itself and we should focus on how blessed we are to overcome the bad side and to conquer overthinking," says Eazy Breezy. Be sure to connect with Eazy Breezy on all social media and digital music platforms.



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