Multi-talented West Coast Artist, Bad Choice releases his debut album, "Brand New"

The best way to predict the future is to invent it and the artist, Bad Choice is on an epic grind in the music industry. Independent artist, Bad Choice can be called a conscious hip-hop rapper. His digital visual library consists of 30 songs on his YouTube channel, along with 7 music videos. As far as his digital music goes, there is an album and a single which is available on all music streaming platforms.

Originally from the West Coast, Bad Choice grew up forty miles east of Los Angeles in a small college town called Claremont, California. Claremont is also known as The City of Trees. Currently, He resides in Los Angeles and has spent timeless hours crafting projects with collaborative efforts in the community. This self-made artist lyrics captivate a story in life through mistakes, struggles, and decisions. You will always hear his personality, reason, and overcoming adversity. Many fans that listen will give a money-motivated reaction to the singles, "Brand New", "Gold", and "I’m Glad." Last but certainly not least, the party or club joint "Speed It Up". Intuitively designing some of his productions with new beats that are catchy for the listener.
BC is inspired by artists like Havoc of Mobb Deep, Mac Miller with an emotional twist of Eminem mixed into his lyrics. This artist is a definite reminder of some positive edges with good quality music. No matter where you are on the go- in the gym -at work or home, you'll be surprised by the value of his albums or singles. Make sure to connect with Bad Choice on all social media networks and digital music platforms.

bad choice

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