"The Reasons I Didn't Listen To Your Music"

I had to enlighten some of my non-followers and followers about how we feel in this line of work! 

75% of the music I receive is deleted without ever being listened to. 
Why? Outside of the fact that I  get  100-400 submissions sent to me each week via Email, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It's just impossible for me to listen to every song I receive and still find time for my family and work. In an effort to increase the amount of material I listen to I have outlined "The Reasons, I didn't listen to your music" in hopes that you will get it together :)

The first tweet you sent me had a link to your music in it with something smart like This is something you want to hear, RT This... Try starting out with a "Hello, I followed you, would you please listen to my music, Thanks Please RT!"

You tweeted, Hey! This is that Sh*t right here! F*ck wit me and be down with it!
REALLY, so that's how you want someone to take interest in you, huh? If you're cussing at me and want me to listen to your music, find another approach!  

You sent me a link to your mixtape or album... I recommend sending a single. I'm not sure if I even want to hear ONE track from you but you just sent me 24 of them.

You just sent 300 other people the exact same tweet... All those tweets show up on your profile. That will stop people from following you and Twitter from suspending your account because you look like a spammer! This will cause followers to unsubscribe/report you as spam because you're flooding their timeline.

You emailed me a CDA File... Learn to rip/import a CD. You can't just drag the songs off the disc into an email.

You emailed me a WMA file... I can playback WMA files but that means I have to download them first instead of just being able to preview them in my browser.

You sent me a link where I had to go through 2-3 screens of ads and wait 45 seconds before I could download it... I recommend using services like Hulk share. Recipients can immediately preview the music and still have the option to download it.

I have no reason to listen to your music, I'm not a DJ... You sent me your music but you really didn't give me any reason to check it. Why do you want me to listen to your music? For Promotional Purposes?

You just CC'ed me on an email to like 500 other people... I personally don't appreciate my email being circulated for any and everybody to have. Set up a Fan bridge account or at least start using the BCC field instead so you aren't exposing everyone's email address.

YOU sent it to me in MY DM... If your music is really hot and you're doing the things that you need to be doing, I would be hearing about it from other people (DJs, A&Rs, Publicists, Promoters, FANS, Other Artists, or Producers). It makes me think that it's WACK, Top Secret, or something like that! 

I'm busy... I may have every intention of listening to your music but as you know sometimes the day can just get away from you. By the time I had some free time, I forgot all about the link you sent me. This can be easily avoided if you focus on building a relationship instead of sending out songs.

I've already heard about you/your music... Believe it or not, this is a small industry and there are very few people in it that are actually here to help independent artists. Don't think that we don't talk to each other. So, if you have a reputation for Bullsh*tting, Trying to get something for nothing, Being lazy, lying, or just making Bad Music you've probably been the topic of discussion once or twice.

You're not a subscriber/Follower/Friend... 99% of the people that send me music requesting to be reviewed, interviewed, or re-tweeted aren't even subscribed to my blog. Our motto is "Support those that support you!" 
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You're more concerned with getting heard than being listened to... You've sent me plenty of songs, emails, videos, etc ....but have never taken the time to follow up to see if I've listened to any of them or what I thought. You're more concerned with mass tweeting instead of effectiveness.

You didn't read this post... This one isn't meant for you, but there are plenty of people who saw this post on Twitter, their inbox, or RSS feed and didn't bother to read it. Those are the same people who will continue to make the mistakes described above. Lack of initiative is probably the #1 reason for failure in our industry.

This is just a personal list of things that deter ME from listening to much of the music I am sent. I'm pretty sure most of these reasons may hold true for many of the other Magazines, DJs, Bloggers, Publicists, Promoters, and people you send music to.

 If you know someone that needs to see this post please FWD it along and don't forget to Retweet it. If you have something that you think is missing from the list please leave it in a comment below so that I can add it.

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