How and Why to Properly Label an MP3

For many aspiring music professionals, or even industry veterans, correctly naming song files are often low priority. Many people, if not a majority, don’t realize there is a specific format to creating mp3 files to ensure proper playback quality and maintain professionalism. The above Info Box may be a completely foreign sight to them.
Renaming files and labeling file properties help with organization. Files also need to be named correctly so the artist name and song title show up in portable music players like iPods, as well as online music streaming programs hulkshare/sharebeast/etc. If you’re goal is to get your music listed on blogs, you’ll reach that goal much faster with a correctly titled song. Below is an example of how to label files and step-by-step instructions. Leave a comment if you have questions or other suggestions/helpful hints.

Incorrect mp3:
01 SONG NAME_ROUGH MIX 09388.mp3

How the studio engineer leaves an mp3 title is incorrect 9/10 times. Engineers have individual ways of organizing files, and most of the time it is a disorganized way. Never begin an mp3 title with a track # unless it is part of a group of songs for a mixtape/album. But for individual mp3s such as a single, do not include a track number. Include artist name, song name, feature name, producer name (if absolutely necessary), and what version of the song: main, radio, accapella, instrumental, etc. (I personally don’t like the terms clean & dirty, but to each his own). Use underscores to separate words.

Correct mp3:
Artist Name_Feat Name_Song Name_Clean.mp3

2Chainz_ft Drake_No_Lie_prod Mike Will_radio edit.mp3

mp3 file name

How to edit file name & Properties:


Open documents folder where file is saved
Right Click file/rename
Edit title but DO NOT remove the .mp3 extention or file will become corrupted
click outside of the file to save
Right Click file/Properties
Edit artist name, album, comments, etc. Some people use the comments section to list a website.
Save & close box

I’m not an advanced Mac user so if anyone has an easier way let me know!
Open folder where file is saved
Click on file once to highlight, right click/Get Info
Edit name but leave extension
Close box
Open file with iTunes
Right Click & Get Info
Click on Sorting Tab
Edit Name/Sort Name, Artist/Sort Artist, etc.
Personally I like to use the file name as the song name in the sort info because mp3 players use this has the displayed song title: Kanye_Pusha_T_Big_Sean_2Chainz_Mercy_remix_main
(don’t use .mp3 in the song name here)
Click Info tab to edit comments section
Click OK

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