YOU are needed for the Rise 2 Fame event!

Weegone Ent is a company that specializes in marketing, promotion, concerts, nightlife, and showcases. We embrace the true meaning of entertainment by making sure the experience that is given, while at any of our events, is truly worth the price and time for the individual. 

Our company strives on integrity, excellence, and overall doing good business. In our opinion, doing good business means both parties are beneficially satisfied.  We are here to serve artists of all genres by educating, consulting, and by presenting a platform of showcases for exposure. The overall purpose of our showcases is for the growth of artists: musically, business minded, and achieving ones goal. Also, the growth of Chicago as a whole is important, when it comes to the music scene and overall excellence of an individual. 

The “Rise2Fame Industry Mixer Showcase” is another edition of our showcases that we have done in order to introduce new talent in Chicago. Our first one was “Chicago meets NYC” and the second was “Chicago Invades ATL”. We were able to reach out to some influential individuals in the Chicago music scene to judge new and upcoming talent. Our showcases have been successful in finding artists with the most potential, the mindset of being successful and utilizing the right tools around them.  Each individual that participates has gone through our screening process. With that being said, the “Rise2Fame Industry Mixer” showcase is going to be bigger and better! Our attendees will appreciate our choice of industry panelists. 

This showcase will be held at The FUZE_Chicago, 2242 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 on September 30, 2012. We are requesting for a change in Chicago meaning we will promote unity amongst the Chicago artists in one common area. Weegon ENT would like to bring every individual involved in the entertainment industry to be in the building including Djs, Producers, Videographers, Models, Publicists, Entertainment Lawyers, Managers, A/R, Songwriters, Music Bloggers/Magazine Editors, and so forth.

It is understood that everyone would like to get paid, but at this time, it is not in our budget. Importantly, we will offer you an atmosphere of individuals that are willing to network and do business with people of your caliber. Humbly, we ask you to take the time out for our city, our youth and young individuals that are trying to achieve the highest goal possible, to be present in the building. Please look at this as an opportunity to increase your client base. You could actually meet that new talent that can be someone we can talk about from years to come!  

Our goal is for the participating industry professionals on the panel to network with the up and coming talent by giving out constructive criticism or even lending a hand if it makes economical sense for both parties. In order to make the event a success, industry professionals, I am asking you to join us for our Chicago artists’.

There are numerous ways to be involved: 
Be a Panelist (topics TBA) - Seeking DJs, Videographers, Models, Publicists, Entertainment Lawyers, Managers, A/R, Songwriters, Photographers and Graphic Designers to provide important information to the artists
Performances-You are a recording artist/performer, poet, etc. and you want to perform in the Rise2Fame Industry Mixer Showcase

Become a Sponsor- We are seeking companies/organizations who would like to become sponsors for the campaign or for a specific event hosted through the campaign

For all Industry Professionals, Companies and Artists who are willing to participate, please contact Shye Roberts 7733544622 or via email  to register.
Weegone Ent - “Where doing good business is the only right way” 

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