Rhyme Assassin - "Run Em Up" (Told Ya) ft. MOP & Ruste Juxx

 Rhyme Assassin - "Run Em Up" (Told Ya) ft. MOP & Ruste Juxx

International Hip Hop sensation Rhyme Assassin first became mesmerized when he heard Gza’s “Liquid Swords” and Snoop Dog’s “Doggy Style.” His passion grew stronger when he was introduced to Canibus and KRS One. Between their punchlines, bars, and knowledge, Rhyme Assassin felt compelled to begin writing music and pursue a career. A further motivation stemmed from classic Hip Hop legends and icons who mastered the art of lyricism, MCing, humility, as well as the business of music. From that intermix, Rhyme Assassin was birthed. “My persona is the combination of my poetic, lyrical expressions and how my art is executed.” 

The United Kingdom double threat of producer and artist entered the scene in 2012. “In the beginning I was a self-made artist. I was my own manager, marketer, and publicist.” When Rhyme Assassin made the move from Zimbabwe to the UK he met artist Silva King who encouraged him to record his first record. The record instantly gained followers and the attention of Zimbabwe Hip Hop legend Metaphysic. From support and knowledge from other notable artists Rhyme Assassin became a protégé and quickly learned the craft of mixing, mastering, and production. 

Although international, Rhyme Assassin’s music and production buzzed through the states and caught the ears of Craig G, Antlive, K Solo, and others which led to music collaborations. Impressed by his natural skillset and deliverance, more Hip Hop vets swarmed around Rhyme Assassin. He’s created music with Masta Ace, Rockness Monsta, Ras Kass, M.O.P., Keith Murray, Ruste Juxx, and that’s only naming a few. 

“My music speaks to the heart of people. I want to leave a positive legacy and leave a mark that can’t be erased.”

Rhyme Assassin’s claim to fame as UK’s most celebrated indie artist was a party record that hit number 1 for 6 weeks on the ZBC Top 10 (Zimbabwe national radio), and charted 54 on the Annual Top 100 songs in Zimbabwe. In 2012, the prime of his career Rhyme Assassin was awarded Male Artist of the Year for Zimbabwe Music and Arts. In 2013 he was a nominee for ZIMMA UK Male Artist of the Year and nominee for Zim Hip Hop Awards Best Diaspora. In 2014 and 2015 he was the winner for the Best Diaspora award for the Zim Hip Hop Awards. Rhyme Assassin then hit the road and toured at distinguished venues and took the media and press by storm with features in Zimbabwean Newspapers; The Herald, News Day, The Standard, B Metro,  Financial Gazette, The Zimbabwean, and Southern Eye along with a plethora of major blogs including Boom Bap Nation. 

“I continue to work on my craft and keep my name in the forefront of Zimbabwe and the UK music scene and strive towards recognition as a reputable MC amongst the greatest of all time...Being myself and true to myself is my biggest selling point.”

Currently, Rhyme Assassin is full throttle in the studio finishing up his debut album ‘Dedicated to Self,’ with singles to follow. He is also in the midst of a radio and media campaign for his latest record “Rhyme Apostles” which features a lineup of Hip Hop royalty.

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