Daniel Mouyal - "HOUSE OF G-D"

 Daniel Mouyal breaks musical boundaries with "HOUSE OF G-D," an innovative album that is available now. This genre-defying masterpiece seamlessly melds the pulsating beats of house music with the lyrical prowess of rap, featuring collaborations with Project Pat, Riff Raff, Gucci Mane, Cam'Ron, Kool G Rap, and Too $hort. Mouyal's visionary production, coupled with the stellar contributions of industry heavyweights, creates an electrifying sonic experience that pushes the limits of musical expression. "HOUSE OF G-D" is a must-listen for enthusiasts seeking a fresh and groundbreaking convergence of house and rap, solidifying Daniel Mouyal's status as a trailblazer in the music industry. For press inquiries, please contact "DANIEL MOUYAL" on socials.  



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