Hidden Renaissance share wide-ranging collaborative album 'BA SING SE'


Hidden Renaissance have dropped off their latest project, BA SING SE. The LP is chock full of textural, organic production that brings forth a variety of styles, paired with lyrically sharp, poignant verses that contain hearty doses of introspection, humor, and rawness. With a massive cast of collaborators that was narrowed down from over 200 artists submitting to be a part of the album, Hidden Renaissance pulls off a highly cohesive project despite all of the musicians involved. Moreover, undercurrents of passion and love for hip-hop tie together BA SING SE, while paying a testament to one of the genre’s core traditions of collaboration.

BA SING SE emanates a lo-fi tinged warmth that gives the songs character and makes them immersive. With layered soul and jazz samples and organic, punchy percussion, many of the tracks are refreshingly modern, but also pay homage to the genre’s roots with an engaging retro feel. “firstsaveyourself” blends futuristic, electro-infused sounds with gritty boom-bap for a refreshing flavor, while the glitchy, pitched-down sonic tapestry of “Heaven’s Resources II” is an evocative take on lo-fi hip-hop- putting a personal touch on something in the sLUms vein. The bassy “Conditioner” brings in elements of dance music, while the vocalists combine for a potent series of spitfire verses that keep the listener on their toes. Overall, BA SING SE contains an eclectic variety of songs that demonstrate the diversity of Hidden Renaissance, while combining for a cohesive whole.

On BA SING SE, Hidden Renaissance vocalist CityBoiGreg says, “I’ve never anticipated a drop so badly. And to think- there are waayy more songs like these that didn’t make the cut. Not to mention how ingenious of a way to not only bring the underground together, but an effortless way to push the sound (s) of the underground to new heights. Hidden Renaissance is truly a game changer”.

Fellow Hidden Renaissance vocalist OJ Mountain says, “Hidden Renaissance isn’t a group, or even a collective- it’s an idea. And this idea has allowed me to progress as an artist more than I ever could have imagined. It’s infinitely fulfilling to be able to share an album that is as complete and as passionately crafted as this one. It fundamentally embodies the Hidden Renaissance idea”.

In today’s music world, BA SING SE stands out- firstly for its concept as a massive collaborative LP, but also for its sound. Soulful, lively, and intertwined with a shared passion for hip-hop, BA SING SE is like a love letter to the genre written by many hands.

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