Ajeet releases a new single Healing Song, a song she sings as part of her journey of care and healing through chronic illness


BOSTON & DUBLIN  – Ajeet’s latest single, “Healing Song”, released on November 10, 2023, from Spirit Voyage Records.   Ajeet’s voices holds you in a spell of sensuous mist, while her delicate acoustic guitar lulls you into a space to feel whole and healed.  This self-produced track is a gentle and fluid lullaby accompanied by acoustic and electric guitar, upright and bowed bass, percussion, harp and flutes.  

Ajeet says, “I woke up with this song fully formed and in my head one day. The song was finished and recorded that same day. Later the instrumentation was added while I went through my own big healing process, and I mixed it from my bed as I recovered. This song has been my companion and a place to rest my prayer. My own process has been one of healing after major surgery, but within that there have been deep layers of exploration and also letting go. I know that each of our healing processes are ongoing and take many unique forms, and I feel that collective journey in my own relationship with this song.”  

About Ajeet:

Ajeet is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter from both the granite hills and forests of NewHampshire and the misty shores of Ireland. Her music is dreamlike and carries a sense of the mystical. Drawing on the folk traditions of her own Irish background, and of her nomadic life gathering songs, her concerts and recordings are intended to offer an experience of healing and connection to the listener.  Some of her collaborators include Trevor Hall, Woven Kin, Rising Appalachia, Snatam Kaur, Seamus Egan, Nessi Gomes, Sam Garrett and Peia.


For the latest music, tour dates, and other information related to Ajeet, follow her on music and social media @ajeetmusic – Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


Media Contact:

Gabylu Alcántara | 1.888.735.4800 | gabylu@spiritvoyage.com 

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