[Video] Isiah BinLaden (@isiahbinladen) - "Control"

South Jackson, Mississippi artist Isiah BinLaden's highly anticipated official music video for his second single, "Control," is a captivating visual masterpiece. Directed by the talented Wyatt Roberts, in partnership with Slush Media, this video is the perfect follow-up to his hit single, "Cream." In "Control," Isiah BinLaden continues to showcase his artistry and musical prowess, taking viewers on a mesmerizing journey through his unique world of sound and vision. The video is not just a visual accompaniment but a storytelling medium that enhances the song's narrative. The collaboration with Wyatt Roberts ensures a visually stunning and cinematic experience. Roberts' directorial skills bring out the essence of the song, capturing its emotions, energy, and message. Expect stunning cinematography, creative storytelling, and a compelling narrative that will leave you entranced from start to finish. "Control" promises to be more than just a music video; it's a work of art that complements Isiah BinLaden's musical talents, setting a new standard in the world of music visuals. Get ready to be immersed in a world of creativity and music like never before. "Binny" the album is dropping soon, go pre-save it now on Apple Music.

Jermaine McClinton

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