Genielactic - "Crocodile"


Afro Arab artist, Ahmed Zeinalabdin, born 20th September '99 in Damascus, Syria to a Palestinian mom & Sudanese dad, now shines globally as "Genielactic," the music maverick. The journey ignited in Ukraine 2019, debuting as "LIL GENIE," hitting blogs, mags, and clocking 150K+ plays worldwide. From Kharkov's cozy corner, he conjured magic, birthing the urban "Flipped R," fusing Ukrainian "я" with Arabic "لا." Ukraine's conflict forced a leap to safety. Netherlands was the refuge, birthing "Genielactic." Battling for justice, he faced bias & deportation. "RTL" spotlighted his audacious tale of how he survived 3 wars. Genie is a keen collaborator he teamed up with icons like Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, Juicy J, Project Pat, Juvenile, KRS-One, Kool G Rap, The Game, Xzibit, Lord D'Andre & more. "P.O.P" album crowned his odyssey, a masterpiece of Ukraine's top 10 all recorded in a small bedroom in Kharkiv, Genie now records & releases music from a refugee camp called GGD in Tilburg Netherlands.

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