Brandon James: Unveiling Emotions Through Music

 Discovering "Know Better" and Brandon James' Musical Journey

Brandon James, an artist known for his soulful music and performances, is set to release a new song titled "Know Better" on November 24, 2023. In this article, we dive into Brandon's creative process, his growth as a musician, live performances, the inspiration driving his passion for music, and his vision for the music industry.

The Art of Authenticity: Brandon James' Creative Process

For Brandon, music is a reflection of his honest emotions and internal struggles. His creative process is deeply personal, crafting each song based on genuine feelings. "I want to express the internal dilemma I’m having and put it out there with the hopes people can relate and vibe," he shares.

A Journey of Emotions: The Evolution of Brandon’s Music Style

As an emotional musician and singer, Brandon seeks to infuse every piece of his music with raw emotions. Over time, he has evolved his style, connecting with artists who share a similar emotional depth. It's a journey of musical growth and an exploration of the human experience through music.

Creating a Connection: 

As a live performer, Brandon's music shifts from an intimate and soulful approach to a high-energy style that almost resembles funk. He strives to create a positive and energetic atmosphere, leaving a lasting impact on the crowd. For him, it's about fostering a genuine connection with every individual present.

The Source of Inspiration: 

At the heart of Brandon's musical journey lies a simple truth - he feels good when he sings. Music is more than a career; it's a source of genuine joy and fulfillment. This passion is what drives him to create music that resonates deeply with others.

Navigating the Highs and Lows:

Brandon cherishes the thrill of performing and creating music, but he is no stranger to the challenges that come with the music industry. He openly acknowledges the presence of politics, ego, and grifting, elements that can obscure the true essence of music-making.

Redefining the Music Industry:

Given the chance, he would revolutionize the music industry by bringing back artist development and placing value on talent and passion over gimmicks and personas. He envisions an industry where genuine artistry takes center stage.

Words of Wisdom:

Through his musical journey, Brandon has received invaluable advice - to find joy in the journey and remember the passion that initiated his musical odyssey. It's a reminder to stay true to oneself and embrace the love for music.

Brandon James is an artist with a profound dedication to sharing emotions through his music. As we eagerly await the release of "Know Better" on November 24th, 2023, let us join Brandon on his musical journey and experience the depth of his artistry.

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