Aanderaj® - "LUSE-HEADED"


I started a business caring for the elderly, and in my spare time, I would create music for myself and anyone who wanted to listen. This became a repetitive cycle for seven years. Despite not dedicating all my effort to music during those years, I managed to create a buzz around my work. It was then that I fully embraced music as a career.

My music is a reflection of my deepest values and beliefs, a true representation of my passion and dedication to my craft. It's an emotive and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics that touch upon the universal themes of love, loss, and hope.

"LUSE-HEADED" is a testament to my journey as an artist and the culmination of seven years of dedication under Aanderaj®. I delve into the spiritual realm through my dancer alter ego, LUSE (a playful nod to the foot-loose spirit) and through a captivating narrative, I challenge the devil himself to an epic dance battle.

Victory seemed out of reach, but I persevered. However, the battle took its toll on me, and I found myself in a seven-year period of recovery and self-discovery. During this period, I faced my demons, experienced profound growth, and honed my artistic vision. I emerged stronger, more determined, and ready to face the devil once again. And this time, I triumphed in a climactic ending - the devil's beheading signifying the ultimate defeat of darkness and the triumph of light.

"LUSE-HEADED" is not just an album; it's a testament to the power of resilience, growth, and the pursuit of artistic passion.



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