Occ Taee and Solocash Connect for Blazing LP "Splash Bros"


Occ Taee and Solocash have shared a new collaborative album, titled Splash Bros. Indianapolis native Occ Taee is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist. He's gaining recognition thanks to his authentic lyrics and catchy flow. As one of the youngest artists in his city, he lets his music do the talking. Introducing Solocash, an emerging force in the world of underground energy and commercial appeal. Hailing from the heart of Indianapolis, IN, this 20-year-old artist has been honing his craft for nearly a decade. With ear-catching flows and a diverse beat selection encompassing everything from trap to reggaeton, Solocash's music speaks volumes about his talent. The two have linked up for a memorable, engaging new project called Splash Bros, on which they both shine and demonstrate a kinetic chemistry that translates well to the record.

The infectious, versatile sound present on Splash Bros is made evident from the get-go with the electrifying sonics and potent vocals of “All Night”. Songs like “Period” and “Mozart” are stylish and fun-loving, packed with memorable, heavily repayable lines from both artists. Then, there are songs like “Love Song” which add a wistfulness and emotive note which gives Splash Bros added layers and dynamics, while demonstrating the artists’ full creative vision.

Splash Bros is a genre-blending masterpiece, combining the hyper-pop and new-age rap styles that define the modern music landscape. This 12-track tape is a celebration of talent and creativity, featuring seamless collaborations between Solocash and Occ Taee, as they push the boundaries of hip-hop and introduce a fresh, innovative sound to their loyal fanbases. 

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