GG Micho's 'Trash' Album: A Harmonious Blend of Nostalgia and Innovation


Dive into GG Micho's latest release, 'Trash,' where classic influences meet modern artistry. Explore the album's captivating melodies and creative wordplay that bridge the gap between old-school vibes and contemporary rap. 

Don't miss this musical journey that redefines Chicago's soundscapes.

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GG Micho and Trashbagg Beats unite for a remarkable project, with Meeks adding his mastering expertise. Dive into the cohesive sound of "Trash," where every track was written in 2023 and recorded at Enviyon Recording Studios in Chicagoland. Experience a smooth and bouncy sonic journey, complemented by guest appearances from 33Soulbae and GG SMU. Micho's charismatic artistry shines, effortlessly flowing over meticulously selected beats. From energetic tracks like "EMBEDDED" to introspective pieces like "AMEN," explore Micho's intelligent fusion of confidence and self-awareness. The dynamic emotions in "Trash" promise an engaging experience for all listeners.

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So, here's the scoop on GG Micho's 'Trash' album – it's a mind-blowing musical ride that flawlessly mixes classic Chicago vibes with a modern twist. As summer wraps up, don't miss the chance to dive headfirst into GG Micho's super-smooth rap that pays homage to the city's legends while adding a cool new spin. 'Trash' is more than an album; it's a musical journey that'll hit you right in the feels. 

Prepare to be wowed by GG Micho's genius!

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