Pastel Blank impresses with new song and video for "Shareholder"


Pastel Blank has dropped off a new single and video, titled "Shareholder". Art-rock twists and turns into funk-idiosyncrasy with Victoria, BC’s Pastel Blank. Emerging from the vivid indie-rock/ post-punk scene endlessly transforming along Canada’s West Coast, Blank was formed in 2019 from lead singer/ songwriter Angus Watt’s desire to evoke more dancing within the Victoria indie music community. Citing influence from such genre-blending luminaries as Talking Heads and Women, Blank carries on the torch of jagged, kaleidoscopic guitarwork and off-kilter rhythms fumbling into continuity. His latest offering is a vivid, sharply-crafted release that blends funk and art-rock aesthetics into a mesmerizing release, paired with a cohesive video that demonstrates his overall creative vision.

"Shareholder" stands out for its hypnotizing grooves and rich sound, while the track's vocals take center stage for their passionate delivery and focused songwriting. Above rich, warm guitars, infectious bass, and potent drums, Pastel Blank delivers a captivating vocal performance with smooth, sleek melodies that embed themselves in the listener's memory from the get-go.

Take a listen to "Shareholder" below and check out the new video, as Pastel Blank continues his rise out of Victoria's indie scene.

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