Mrs50Cent’s Hot New Release “I'm the Mrs. 50 Cent”


Mrs50Cent Spiritually married 50 Cent 4.23.2020 

She is a former MTV journalist and is a Licensed Psychotherapist 

Mrs. 50 Cent is 50 Cent’s self-proclaimed most loyal fan and states she spiritually married the rapper 50 Cent April 23, 2020. Her first release is appropriately entitled, “I’m the Mrs. 50 Cent, Wife of 50 Cent”. Mrs. 50 Cent is releasing a reality-based science fiction love story using multi-media. Mrs. 50 Cent stated no one will be able to decipher facts from fiction as she releases music, videos, movies, books, social media posts etc.  

Mrs. 50 Cent stated, “More Utopian societies are scheduled to be formed by millionaires and billionaires. My book is loosely based on fiction and features a rapper named Prince Charming who is shot 13 times (including a head wound) and slowly obtains supernatural abilities as he recovers. He strengthens his abilities by learning from deities from the underworld, becomes President and discovers he is the Anti-Christ.” Flash forward to reality, in 2022, Sadhguru consecrated the resurrection of Deity Naga from the Underworld.   

Mrs. 50 Cent is seeking fans of 50 Cent for an opportunity to partake in this larger-than-life project. She stated, “Fans help make 50 Cent successful, so now I want to help more people share in his success by making some of their dreams become reality. It’s like a worldwide American Idol but in all fields of entertainment, art, law, life coaching, religion… everything! Without God, his mother, grandparents, children, Eminem and of course his FANS 50 Cent would not be the success he is today.”    

Mrs. 50 Cent’s has included Kenya Moore, Trina, DJ IMarkkeyz, and international singer (and American Idol Contestant) Jess Fox. Mrs. 50 Cent says, “I always see posts from people around the world asking 50 Cent to put them in a project so I found a creative way to start including fans by #Mrs50Cent.”   

Mrs. 50 Cent is a former MTV journalist and psychotherapist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling. She has counseled high ranking officials with the Department of Defense, Military, Veterans, Civilians and celebrities.  




Kenya Moore 


I’m the Mrs. 50 Cent, Wife of 50 Cent – 

50 Cent King of Hearts in The New World Order

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