Brand New Single From Outrageous Charismatic Artist Onplanetzu "West Cola"


Onplanetzu but known to the world as Zu from Jamaica Queens, the son of a preacher growing up in a strict religious upbringing, ran away at age 13 to Los Angeles California. Growing up in the worst neighbourhood the rolling 60's gang, two blocks from where legendary rapper Nipsey Hussle died.I had a mindset not to follow or get involved with gangs because I never wanted a boss or leader to be able to rule my life. 

I always had an intuitive skill set for music we could only listen to Gospel music when I was younger and the sounds and tones would always stay in my head. 

One day a friend of mine took me to my first concert it was Chuck D of Public Enemy, after watching the God on stage I was hooked, From that moment on I studied everything that man did he was a huge inspiration in my Life. 

I then began looking up all the colourful rappers who I loved like Krs One, Busta Rhymes, Old Dirty Bastard, and Missy Elliott they are who influence me and I loved that they all went against the grain. So to this day, that’s what separated me from all the other artists, I don't sound like nobody and I don't do the trends, I like to create my own personal style like no others.

I have over 1.2 million views on my outrageous videos, I am the first person to ever put out a hip-hop rock metal mix tape, i do everything from hip-hop, trap, EDM, rock, drum bass, R&B and Reggae. 

One Night we were at a Prince Club in Downtown LA, We played for Prince’s Birthday on June the 7th with R&B group TLC. Prince came backstage in his High Heels with is Huge Body Guard pointed at me, looks me right in the eyes with a straight face and says keep doing what you're doing these Motherfuckers are going to Fall in Love with you then walks away before I could even respond, that stayed with me for life he was one person that had a huge influence on my life and Music. I couldn’t believe it and I’m honoured that he said that. 

I have since released singles, and 2 million hits on SoundCloud my newest single called West Cola was inspired by my friend who is no longer with us. Ol dirty bastard from Wu-Tang used to yell at the beginning of his Wu tang song so in honour of him, I did that at the beginning of my song the lyrics were East Coast bars I had to get a West Coast rapper on there to set it off and to bring back dope beats and fresh rhymes. 

I feel music these days is too saturated so as an artist I can change that. 

I have songs in the upcoming Tv series on Paramount called The Game, I wrote Me, myself and you can also catch another song on the All America Homecoming tv show called Drop It. A Radio station in London England pick up another song of mine called Speakers it stayed on the Charts for 23 weeks with over 50,000 streams, 463,4k plays Received 3 Indie Awards of the Year3. 

I have a new album called When I Become Famous featuring Wu-Tang and Ol Dirty Bastard Jnr I  had to get him on there because I was a good friend of his father from the Wu-tang and the newer generation might have missed that kind of style of the wu produce by legendary DJ mark luv who produce the Pharcyde Krs one dilated people I want to give the audience nothing but bangers on this album i have everything on it Hiphop, Trap, RB, Edm.

In my music career, I have worked with Prince, and George Clinton I did a song with him called head phones on Spotify, Busta Rhymes, Krs One, Black-eyed Peas, Ludacris, THA Alcoholics, DMX, Wu-Tang and the list goes on, you can find all my mixtapes and music here:

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