[Video] MeRCY (@MusicByMeRCY) ft. JQ Mr. 54 - Fighting Demons


MeRCY - Fighting Demons

MeRCY steps back inside the ring ready for round two as he delivers the second visual off Iron Mike which follows his first round knockdown that is the animated video for "Undisputed", the intro off the EP. The artist is three for three when it comes to releasing new content in 2023 and the scary thing is that MeRCY still has a lot more time to keep perfecting his craft and combinations before a new calendar year arrives.

Continuing to push and promote his latest project, MeRCY connects with JQ Mr. 54 for the official video to one of the standout tracks, "Fighting Demons" produced by Solidified. The cinematic visuals are brought to the viewer by Ike Anyanwu who is able to capture the triumphant sounds perfectly going from black and white to color throughout the video. Flames appear behind both artists every so often showcasing them as champions when it comes to battles against any demons who are trying to disturb their inner peace. Not to mention that the director didn't use much effects but instead keeps it simple letting the energy of the track dictate the outcome. This is something I feel plenty of artists don't do now a days, as they tend to lean towards more effect heavy videos. "Fighting Demons" is a perfect example on how riding the wave of simplicity can have the same outcome if not even better.

“Went toe to toe with the devil/payed for my sins never settled/dudes praying on my downfall/but I’m on a whole never level” is still one of my favorite bars that I've heard this year on one of my favorite songs that I've heard. MeRCY isn't done either as he plans on releasing more content in late April or early May saying "I have a plethora of projects that are about to drop all this year to next year, gotta keep the winning streak alive". That winning streak is truly alive and doing well after this release and we can't wait to see what else the artist has up his sleeves for the rest of '23 and beyond.


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