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NawGee showcases his authentic raw flow through his new Hip-Hop album “Pain N Designer” to be released April 4th, 2023

NawGee is a rapper and engineer from San Diego, CA who has been making music for nine years. He found his inspiration in his past experiences, struggles, and trials and tribulations. His goal with his music is to remind the industry that real music still exists, even if it's rare. NawGee first gained recognition in the industry with his collaboration "Been at the Bottom" with "Cali G." Despite facing obstacles, such as incarceration, he never lost his passion for making music. He continued to release projects on Soundcloud, including "Politics is Politics" featuring Lil Cash, which received 30,000 streams in 24 hours.

In 2021, NawGee released his first official mixtape, "Sorry 4 the Hollup," followed by the EP "StartED 4rm Scratch" in January 2023. He named the EP "StartED 4rm Scratch" to reflect his growth and the journey he took to build his own studio from the ground up. NawGee taught himself everything he needed to know about mixing, mastering, and engineering to make good music.

The rising Hip-Hop and Rap artist is set to release his highly anticipated album "Pain N Designer" on April 4th, 2023. The album showcases NawGee's message-driven lyricism and powerful flows, providing a clear representation of his musical prowess. Throughout "Pain N Designer," NawGee delivers track after track of raw emotion and deep-rooted meaning. Each song on the album draws from NawGee's personal life experiences, struggles, and emotions. The album is a clear example of NawGee's commitment to creating music with a purpose and delivering a message to his listeners.

The first single off "Pain N Designer," "Too Long Freestyle," is out now and is already making waves in the hip-hop community. The track's infectious beat and powerful lyrics are a testament to NawGee's musical talent and ability to captivate audiences.

NawGee is poised to make a major impact in the world of Hip-Hop and Rap with "Pain N Designer." The album's message-driven lyrics and powerful flows are a clear indication of NawGee's potential to become one of the biggest names in the genre. Fans can expect to hear an album full of hard-hitting beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful flows that are sure to leave a lasting impression. "Pain N Designer" is an album that is not only a must-listen for hip-hop and rap fans, but for music lovers of all genres. "Pain N Designer" will be available on all digital streaming platforms on April 4th, 2023. Be sure to check it out and see what all the buzz is about. This album is one you won't want to miss! 

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