Subtractive has recently released a brand new mix: “Year End Mix 2022”


Subtractive's most recent mix is immersive and endearing from the moment you hit the play button

Subtractive is a DJ who straddles the line between a wide range of styles. Because of his incredible versatility and ability to combine rhythm and melody, he is widely regarded as "The Midwest Maestro of Melodic Techno.” His DJ sets combine the edge of old-school techno with the melody of the contemporary scene, finding the perfect balance between these different styles and making for a truly unique formula.

“Year End Mix 2022,” the DJ’s most recent mix, is immersive and endearing from the moment you hit the play button. The mix offers a very engaging listening experience, which immediately makes for a unique mood setter. It’s a great way to look back on 2022 and get inspired for a year of fantastic music!

The audience will be transported immediately, showcasing the DJ’s ability to create ambiance, a true world in sound. While the mix has a very organic, cinematic power to it, it also feels like an incredible opportunity for the audience to really get to discover more about what drives Subtractive’s creativity. “Year End Mix 2022” is a perfect entry point into the imaginative and vibrant vision of a DJ that’s far from the average player on the Midwest DJ scene today.


In addition to the performance and sound design, Year End Mix 2022 is also excellent in terms of production. The mix has a truly amazing selection, and the flow of the tracks on it is quite pristine and world-class, exactly what people might expect from a world-class act that wants to find an audience on a truly global stage. The set list features two hours of amazing music. It unfolds over the span of 30 tracks from top artists such as Cassian, Loni, Mario Leone, Hi-Lo, John Dare, and many more. 

There is room for many original versions, as well as a few remixes and extended versions to spice things up and add to the sound and textures of this project. The sequencing is spot-on and the energy is maintained, if not even amped up as the mix continues to unfold over time! As a DJ, Subtractive has definitely learned how to dovetail songs beautifully into one another, much like an experienced craftsman making some beautiful wooden cabinets from scratch. The songs are kind of like the pieces, and it’s all about how they come together to form a beautiful, final piece that feels like a whole. This is exactly what is happening here, as Subtractive meticulously crafted this amazing set list to maximize energy and melody.

“Year End Mix 2022” by Subtractive is definitely recommended to fans of rhythm, melody, and vibe. Subtractive is all about creating engaging and creative set lists that truly feel incredibly personal and direct, going for a fun and relatable twist. As a DJ, Subtractive is all about creating a positive vibe with the audience and sharing his personality with the audience. Some artists are natural-born entertainers, but Subtractive is so much more than that: he wants to create a true community with his music, reaching out to people from all walks of life with a sound that is always engaging, inspiring, and easy to relate to. “Year End Mix 2022” is actually a really perfect example of what he is all about. In conclusion, it is definitely safe to say that the Midwest Maestro of Melodic Techno managed to stay true to his reputation with this set.


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