Joe Black- A Winner of a Plaque Award from Billboard

joe black

 Joe Black, mastering the art of music throughout his achievements and versatile musical approach

Music has the power to motivate and heal people worldwide. Every genre has different vibes and power to attract the listener; still, some genres are powerful enough to make the listeners fanatic. Among thousands of artists worldwide, Joe Black, a guy from Hell's Kitchen, NYC, is a versatile rapper and songwriter who produced music that enchants rap lovers at first sight.

In 2020-2021, Joe came up with releasing a hit single, "You Were Wrong," featuring hit recording artist Serani while being a part of Boogie's "the bigger artist" tour. The next year he teamed up with the Worldstar and released his hit single "Motorola," which charted on the Billboard charts at #16 and peaked at #7 a few weeks later.

To get on a Billboard chart, every artist must sell at least 450 to 500 albums in the first week. The other scenario is that they must get between 562,500 and 1,687,500 streams on the internet. So many unsigned artists have hit the Billboard Charts by showing their talent and music power by selling this kind of a small number of units.

Well, the press release speaks about his current achievements, as in 2021, Joe black received his billboard plaque award for the first time in his music career. Joe Black peaked at #7 on Billboard due to his charisma and heart-grabbing music style. 

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