Sydney Band, Hot Work Set to Release Their Debut Album "Boys Club" this Friday, October 21st

Hot Work

Sydney-based "Hot Work" will release their debut feminist post-surf punk album "Boys Club" on October 21st via Pay No Attention Records. "Boys Club" is a 12-track concept album that rages against toxic masculinity. It is a story of accountability, education, and growth, ultimately ending with a message of hope for the future.

Hot Work

From left to right: Riley Pierce (drums), Jack McPhee (bass), Michael van Dyk (vocals/guitar), Liam Wilson (guitar/slide).

"This fantastic studio work is a perfect example of what this band is all about in terms of personality and inventiveness, highlighting their remarkable ability to seamlessly open up to different creative ideas and take their music to a whole new level." - Bandcamp Diaries 2022

The band "Hot Work" are a 4-piece surf punk band hailing from Sydney's Inner West. Formed in 2018, Hot Work fused sun-drenched rock, punk, surf, doo-wop, and psychedelia creating a vintage sound with a decidedly 2022 message. For your enjoyment, download the single here.

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