ARRATOU delivers the "I’m In Love" single out of the Fantasies (EP) on all major streaming platforms.

Norwegian music producer ARRATOU brings a deep and hypnotic form of the progressive house into the world of electronic music. Tracks like “Show Me,” "Suffocating," Giving Up,” and “I’m In Love” create a dark yet alluring sonic atmosphere that draws listeners into a specific and vibrant world characterized by driving beats, enchanting vocals, and powerful melodies.

Highly textured and dynamic, ARRATOU’s music creates a full and expansive sound that avoids the trap of electro-monotony. ARRATOU's "I’m In Love" has been heard over 194,000 times on Spotify alone. The single is a part of the Fantasies (EP) and is highly recommended by music curators across the globe. Listeners can find ARRATOU’s music streaming on all major platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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