Mike Coner: The Revelation of the Frontier

Mike Coner

Mike Coner is a young Colombian-Venezuelan singer and songwriter. Mike does not come from an artistic family nor from a wealthy one, who could have put their resources into nurturing any musical talent. At 15 years old, Mike found himself alone and abandoned because of family problems. His dream of singing got him through this by writing songs every night. Creatively, he sang the lyrics over beats found on the internet. Odd jobs helped fund his first studio session and collaborations with other artists that unleashed his full potential. Mike Coner lives between two countries, Colombia and Venezuela, the area the locals call "The Frontier." 

During his career, Mike Coner has performed in festivals and nightclubs along the Colombian-Venezuelan border and in other South American countries, such as Mexico. His goal is to sing across the oceans even though he knows there is a long way to go. 

Mike Coner

 "My goal in life is to share my music and make people happy!" - Mike Coner

Mike Coner's influences range from hip-hop, reggaeton, dancehall, and trap - which are identifiable in his songs. His production is modern and is nothing that has never been heard. To describe Mike’s style, he is the exact mix of two famous Latin Urban singers, Micro TDH and Big Soto. Coner's lyrics manage to be romantic - in the right measure - helping to create and sustain the atmosphere of the songs. They deliver a vibrant and dancing beat with catchy vocals and melodies. Musically speaking, the repetitive lyrics in the chorus help to get the song stuck in the listeners' heads even more, which is great in concert situations or if they play his songs at parties! MC's music is perfect to be played by DJs on dance floors and added to playlists around the USA and by countries that explore and spread Latin urban.

Last July, Mike Coner's first EP, "Destino o Casualidad," hit the digital music streaming platforms. Lately, Mike is preparing other songs - still as punchy - evoking the torments of love. Although in the production stage, the songs are slated for release in the upcoming months. Be sure to connect with Mike Coner on his website, social media, and all digital music streaming platforms. 








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