Midwest Artist B. Alvee Pays Tribute to His Best Friend, Coll in Goods

B. Alvee

B. Alvee delivers a Lyric Video for his latest song "Coll in Goods: Tribute"

B. Alvee is an Upcoming Singer/Songwriter based out of Kansas City, Missouri. He has been able to establish a dominant following and worldwide audience through his YouTube channel "B. Alvee". His new music aims to gain recognition from Major Artists, Labels, and Awards. His debut single is titled Coll in Goods "Tribute". A song dedicated to a Best Friend/Brother who has recently passed. His deservedly acclaimed debut single “Coll in Goods” has garnered more than 80,000 YouTube streams and is still growing. He is also set to release two major songs, “Runaway” feat. Hendricks and Moody, and “Sandy Cheeks”.

B. Alvee is bilingual in English/Spanish and has a natural ability to make reggaetón and hip hop. music This talent is displayed through his rich vocal harmonies and catchy choruses. With an excellent tone and originality, he is able to capture the attention of his audience. He mixes melodic sounds with hip-hop-type rhymes that can be easily listened to on the radio, in movies, or even as background noise. This is all carried through a powerful control of his vocals, heartfelt sound, and relatable lyrics.

Throughout his career, he has been able to perform in different states such as Kansas, Missouri, and Atlanta. His performances are most recognizable due to his incredible stage presence and confidence. A delivery that is most genuine and engaging to his audience throughout the entire set. He brings an honest and warm feeling from start to finish that is balanced by his natural talent. His passion and support grow stronger by the minute! Look out for his new music and keep him on your radar for up-and-coming artists!




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