Ero Seagull’s New Single ‘Requiem’ Calls For End of ‘Impunity’ For Police Violence Against BIPOC & People Of The LGBTQI Community

The LGBT friendly Greek-Canadian electro / hip-hop artist Ero Seagull is back with her new single Requiem. which is dealing with structural racism and is calling for an end of the “impunity” enjoyed by police officers who violate the human rights of black people and not only. Marilena Orfanou (Berlin Brides, S.W.I.M) and the producer Antonio Escobar are behind the production of the track. Born and raised in Athens, Ero started playing piano at the age of six. When she finished school, she decided to hone her creative talents with a course at the prestigious Bretton Hall College in Leeds studying Theatre/ Dramaturgy. It was here when Ero started writing her own music. This is when she entered The Peoples Music Awards    in the "Off The Beaten Track" category and then, she played the prestigious Scala venue in London.

Ero Seagull is not a stranger to the industry. She released her debut album ‘Evolution’ by EMI Universal and Amour Records. She also participated in Amour Records' Grecospectiva Collection with her covers of Christmas in Hollis by RUN- DMC and Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry. Her track "What’s In A Romeo" was selected by US music bloggers and reached more than 30,000 plays in less than a month on Spotify. Her songs are supported by the biggest Greek radio stations like EnLefko, Athens Voice Radio and Kosmos.


Influenced by Enya, John Lennon and Lana Del Rey, Ero’s new single ‘Requiem’ was written after George Floyd was murdered and it’s a plea for help to make this world a living heaven, a world we get to adore. It is a call to rethink choices. Zak Kostopoulos (Zackie oh) was murdered in the center of Athens and we all went out in the streets to protest. Two years and a half later in May 2020 George Floyd was murdered and people all over America went out in the streets to protest. This brutality has to have an end. Police violence is a global phenomenon that affects us all. We need to stand together, united, against this absurdity that we face every day in every corner of this planet. It needs courage to stand up and fight against violence and arbitrariness and it is our duty! The videoclip is directed by Smaragda Nitsopoulou and it will be premiered by the biggest Greek magazine LIFO. 2022 is a busy year for Ero Seagull making new music. Be sure to connect with Ero Seagull on all social media and digital music platforms for the latest updates.







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