International Musician Lore_Alone delivers his latest single “Only You”

Lore_Alone born Vergato in Italy is a musician and has always made music. At the age of 13, he wrote his first song and studied pro guitar at the music academy in Bologna. During this time. he was lucky enough to have many experiences and meet many artists.

He had many small and big experiences over the years then he stopped listening to music inside of him for a long time. At one point, he continues to feel the music inside of him for many years. The music never went away. During the Summer of 2020, Lore resumes studying, working on the instrument, and doing what comes naturally to him - writing songs. 

“This allows me to always be different in mood, in genres of my music, always being new and experimenting different sounds based on the song and the singer who plays it”

Lore_Alone sought several collaborations for project music but met the wrong people. This is why he decided to continue the name of the project alone from here. Lore_Alone makes use of the collaboration of different professional singers for each song. The first single, “Only You” was sung by Bobby Bonev in art Mason Blu great artist and a great voice that gives a Brit-pop rnb mood to the song. The next single to be released in July will be sung by a Latin angel Agus Bouquet and will explore the Latin flamenco sounds where guitars and rhythm will be the protagonists. Lore has hope that the listener is pleased with the project as much as he enjoyed recording it.




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