[WATCH] FLYREEF -"NO TOP" | @flyreef87

 Fly Reef Entertainment Artist Flyreef's "No Top" visual highlights his Hometown

Flyreef is a Muslim rapper originally from Brooklyn, NY. Having developed his passion for music and fashion as a child, Flyreef has found a distinct voice in the Yes. Flyreef was born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. His mother brought him up in a Muslim tradition. Despite the challenges of a single-parent home, Flyreef’s mother tried her best to keep him updated with the latest fashion trends. These early life experiences would set the course for his life. More importantly, his close relationship with his mother would serve as his most significant source of inspiration and strength.

At the age of 10, Flyreef began rapping and exploring his musicality. Because of his interests, Flyreef’s tastes gravitated towards hip-hop icons. His influences include Jay-Z, fabulous, DMX, and Biggie. The impact of his upbringing would continue to manifest through the years. 

As Flyreef grew older, he kept the eye for fashion that his mother had given him. The artist’s choice of a stage name is another expression of his ongoing exploration of his culture and religion. At first, he pushed the name Shareef to embrace his religion more. This later developed into his current name, Flyreef, merging his religious influences and artistry. Be sure to connect on social media and digital music platforms.






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