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FFC Entertainment Artist Roze Gold Ripp delivers the "Mackin Lately"visual from the Min Till 6 Ivy Division compilation

The unsigned artist Roze Gold Ripp hails from Fresno Ca and resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was raised in a rough environment where it was only a couple of ways of making it out of the hood. One way is an academic scholarship or athletic scholarship, unfortunately, he got sent to Albuquerque New Mexico to change his life around. At first, it was very different but as the weeks went by, he sets a trend. See it was chopped & screwed music going on out in the area because Texas was only 8 hours away. One night he got a very well-renown DJ playing Mac Dre & New Mexico has not been the same since. It’s a lot of hate and love in the city but long as you keep your circle small and rub shoulders with the right individuals that want to see you in position just as themselves or even better than your own the right route to greatness. It’s been a long road going and I know I got a lot more road to travel to that freeway of success. I’m just ready and focused to get there. Failure is never an option. Plus my grandfather always said to me -"anything easy in life, ain’t worth keeping." So I’m accepting all challenges and obstacles to doing just that... I got a lot to prove to myself, my kids, and my family. 

Roze Gold Ripp has a lot of work ahead of him that includes dropping mixtapes, albums, and short movies. "I choose this art, so I must accept the challenge and become an expert at my craft. I never was the one to accept a handout. I sat down and mapped my plan out." 

Roze Gold Ripp has an up-and-coming artist, Hondo Fechii coming way from the deep 6 of Canada. Ripp connects the dots, makes good music that you can relate to, and understand where he comes from. Remember, they locked us up in a box and didn't want us to sharpen up our radius. "I’m living proof -as long as you believe- you shall achieve! RGR gives a special shoutout to Ash Cakes -his other half- for always pushing him to do better, having his back, and his best interest! Welcome to FFC and be sure to connect on social media and digital music platforms.

Be sure to connect with Roze Gold Ripp on social media and digital platforms.










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