Hip-Hop Collective, The Fuccbois release their latest project "Lockdown"

The Fuccbois are a hip-hop trio from Northwestern Washington state, consisting of rappers Star, Yung Thicc Boi, and Lil’ Turt. They start making music on a trash USB mic in a dingy drug-trailer. They have progressively grown out of the rough circumstances life handed them and are on their way to becoming icons.

Star began making music at 11 years old, producing beats any way he could. He eventually graduated to playing any instrument he could get his hands on and learned the ins and outs of audio engineering through teaching himself the craft.

Yung Thicc Boi began making music at 4 years old under the tutelage of Star. Anything from recording weird skits to full songs created with GarageBand loops. For 10 years, he continues to build valuable experiences and has become a full-fledged musician, wordsmith, and overall voice.

Lil’ Turt began making music at 12 years old when he and Star met in 4th grade. As a talented singer, rapper, and instrumentalist, Turt brings a vibrant melodic flair to the music of the group. He is responsible for the majority of the hooks on The Fuccbois’ records.

In 2017, The Fuccbois recorded their first album and has come a long way since. With three years and five projects in, they’ve crafted a wholly unique sound, and they’re here to take over the game. Their most recent album, LOCKDOWN, was recorded with each member in a separate location, while under quarantine, a testament to The Fuccbois’ resilience as a group, and proof that they’ll stop at nothing to bring dope music to the masses. Be sure to connect on social media and digital music outlets.






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