International Duo, UNGS release their new single, "Wonderful Time"

  The very talented Russian rock duo, UNGS put together their single "WONDERFUL TIME." A piece of music that is capable of soundtracking life’s most powerful moments. The DUO is not a stranger to creating new and refreshing sounds for music lovers. The curve of Rock and Pop categories is constricted to any standardized rules of composition where artists can express their wisdom and insights through the lyrical excellence of their skills. The UNGS is currently making waves across the scene with his ethereal take on musical senses, arrangements, lyrical deconstruction, and the very essence of creative stance in rock. Their hit track released on Spotify and other platforms.

"Wonderful Time" is a reflection of showcasing what they've got to the world of music. 2020 saw the release of their biggest single yet, ‘Wonderful Time,’ which showed the pair coming into their own with an inimitable mixture of experimental artistry and pop appeal. With new music scheduled for release this year and beyond, this ambitious, innovative group is set to break out of their local scene and win a place in the hearts of listeners in every corner of the world. As the duo (UNGS) expands their soundscape and gradually emerging as a promising artist making a mark in the rock and pop circuit, the creative accomplishments are sure to reach every corner of the world. Follow UNGS on all social platforms to interact and listen to the lovely work.

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