Hip-Hop Artist, Spade Monrow's "Summer 20 Tape" is a playlist must-have

We all thought 2020 was done -stick a fork in it, right? SPADE MONROW has been cooking up his "SUMMER 20 TAPE" and it’s a cultural impact event coming to make a permanent mark on the rap world. New Jersey's SPADE MONROW is a versatile artist currently with independent label AGAME. A self-described hip-hop harmony new-age rapper, his music has been leaked throughout the industry and various contemporary artists have been accused of reverse engineering parts of his sound. 

The "SUMMER 20 TAPE" feels similar to a contender stepping into the ring under the bright lights for their first title shot. SPADE MONROW proves his grind is relentless and the work he put into his craft and shows. From the jump, "ASSOCIATION" sets the tone and serves as a premonition for the ride you are about to be taken on by this soon to be an international rap star. By the time the strings start to play on "GAME TIME," the listener will feel as comfortable with SPADE as they do with one of their best homies. He’s a natural in many lyrical styles and displays this ability on the street favorite "SUSPECT" on which SPADE performs a huge epic hook and destroys the verses. 

Trap fans will love the vibe on "YNGM" where he drills a hypnotic HASHITO production. The uptempo "UNDERDOG" is an intriguing blend of lyrics and harmony that’ll impress the most accomplished artists and executives alike. While "WHOOP WHOOP" has more of a minimalist instrumental that allows the dynamic character in the voice of SPADE MONROW to strike the melody perfectly. 

The best season of the year isn’t over yet, so turn up and enjoy it. SPADE MONROW's SUMMER 20 TAPE is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere popular music is streamed or listened to.

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