[NEW MUSIC] EUGENIO OLIVERAS - "410" | @ninesixvi_

East Coast Artist, Eugenio Oliveras releases his latest project, "410"


Eugenio Oliveras, a Lancaster, PA-based artist and producer who utilizes his experiences to draw inspiration and blend a plethora of unique sounds with intoxicating melodies to create a new cultivating vibration that is fresh, versatile, and exciting for the future of Hip-Hop, R&B, and even Pop.

“4 1 0,” tells a tale of Eugenio spending a night at a hotel in the city of Baltimore. He longs to have a girl trust, love, and resume intimate as they were previously. Unbreakable chemistry is apparent between himself and the other person for Eugenio. The wavy synthesizers paired with an upbeat drum pattern set the mood as he recounts his nighttime thoughts, desires, and fantasy in his hotel room. His autotuned vocals glide across his self-produced instrumental and allow the listener to dive into the mind of Eugenio yet again.

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