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Blacc Cuzz Newest Single "Rush" Double up the Vibe

Looking to double up the vibe for your next car ride, party, or social gathering? Then you have to check out Blacc Cuzz’s newest single “Rush.” This hypnotic beat that is laced with captivating lyrics is sure to be a massive hit. In it, Blacc talks about how every time he is surrounded by his money, he gets a rush. This makes perfect sense as he has struggled to build his empire since he was dealing drugs on the tough streets of Pittsburgh at the age of only 16.

True to Life

While some rappers in the industry are a bunch of fakes the same cannot be said about Blacc Cuzz. He has been growing up on the streets and in the hoods his entire life. From a young age, he was slinging bricks and whipping around a beamer. Death, violence, and jail were no strangers to his early life and he has seen it all. In fact, Blacc spent some time in prison when he was ratted out by a friend who he thought he could trust. This was the basis for the past hit single “Turn On Me” and is about Blacc’s true to life experience. If you are getting really tired of these bogus and counterfeit rappers who seem to clutter up the rap game, then be sure to check out Blacc Cuzz. With his hard-won experience, he is a true to life gangster that many of us have been looking for a watered-down industry.

From Rags to Riches

When Blacc was younger, he would run the streets selling drugs to a backstabbing friend who landed his ass in jail. After that Blacc began to realize his passion for music and created the Dream Big Empire with his own funds. In the beginning, the purpose was to promote local artists, but while on tour with 8Ball and MJG, Blacc was inspired to rap for him. He quickly signed himself to his own label and began to drop some of the most uncompromising trap rap beats with the freshest samples in the industry. He used his real-life experiences to rap about the fame and pain of life in the streets to craft some truly compelling hits. These hits include “Commonwealth,” “All On Me,” “I’m Rich,” “Thug Cry,” and “Turn On Me.” With his newest and dopest single “Rush” you can add to that list. In fact, “Rush” truly is the anthem of a man who survived where lesser men would have failed and are marveling at what he has created from almost nothing. If you had to live through what Blacc Cuzz live through you would get a high just looking at your money also.

New Voice of the Streets

Blacc Cuzz is being hailed as the “new voice of the streets” and is serving as inspiration for many aspiring rappers and artists alike. This true-life success story is an inspiration to us all and sure to pour some gasoline on the rap industry’s dwindling fire. If you are searching for a new artist who will wake up your senses, then be sure to check out Blacc Cuzz and his awesome new single “Rush.” It will be sure to double up your vibes!


VISIT BLACC CUZZ' WEBSITE: https://www.blacccuzzdbe.com/

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