Miami Native, Andre Rose teams up with Kris on his latest single "Whole World"

Andre Rose (Jevon Roye) was born in Miami FL to Jamaican parents. From a young age, his household played various types of music from reggae to blues. At two years old, he had a near-death experience, nearly drowning in the family’s back yard pool. He was pulled out the water unresponsive, resulting in two months of hospitalization, three weeks of which were spent comatose. Doctors told his parents if he survived, he will live the remainder of his life with brain damage. His father played a radio by Andre’s ear, day and night, hoping to get a response when one day, he did. Til this day, Andre says music is what saved his life.

“It’s all a big puzzle that you have to create and solve at the same time. You must have the dimensions to intrigue people and the simplicity where they can relate and see the song as a movie as the tracks play.”~Andre Rose

During middle school, Jevon’s talent emerged. He begins by participating in rap battles and finds himself through the school’s music and arts program. It was a way for him to express himself during a difficult time. His parents had undergone a divorce and he did not get along with his siblings. Writing music and poems were an outlet for the repressed emotions he had at the time.

Andre Rose's style of music is a mix of his Jamaican roots and the diverse culture of the Miami community. Having to grow up on his own and being exposed to the diverse elements of his hometown has directly influenced his music. Be sure to connect with Andre Rose on all social media and digital music platforms.


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