Hot New Artist 1KoopaNBH on the Rise with Latest EP: Against All Odds

Against All Odds will cause 1KoopaNBH to blow up in no time. Guaranteed.
This EP has people talking about the talent and versatility of this young and upcoming star. Against All Odds is still in its infancy. Once it leaks into the mainstream, it will undoubtedly catch worldwide fire.
When asked about the meaning behind the project, 1KoopaNBH reveals, “The title stands for the determination I have as an artist through the good and bad times I face tryna accomplish my success.”
The first track on the EP is “Cross Me” which starts with smooth acoustic guitar, fresh auto-tuned vocals, and reverbed female backup vocals. 1KoopaNBH throws shade at those that have crossed him while at the same time brushing them off by focusing on his success and vision.

There are six total tracks on Against All Odds­­. The third track, “Envy”, features JimmyTheRocket while the last track, “IDK”, features Untouchable5thBaby. Each track has its own vibe which shows 1KoopaNBH’s versatility. For example, “Breakdown” slaps with its fire beat and aggressive rhymes while “Too Long” has a mellow feel with chill head-nodding vibes.
1KoopaNBH is a pure natural talent. Music is weaved into his DNA. The artist reveals, “My father inspired me to do music. I’ve been in studios since I was 5 or 6 years old and writing since 8 years old.”

1KoopaNBH is just getting started. When asked about where he sees himself in five years, he reveals, “I can see myself selling out shows…I believe I will be in a way better position in the music industry in 5 years.” There is no doubting this after listening to Against All Odds.
You can check out Against All Odds right now on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and SoundCloud.
You can follow 1KoopaNBH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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