[NEW MUSIC] Stephon Broadway - "Game 7"| @goldbardigital

Hip-Hop Artist, Stephon Broadway delivers his latest single "Game 7"

Stephon Broadway has been involved in theatre and performance art since a youngster. He got an early start with a local theatre program. He credits much of his discipline and creative drive to the program steering him toward something positive. Throughout Stephon's tenure with the program and under the guidance of world-renowned Broadway Director Alan Weeks, he would study Poetry, Writing, Rap, and Native Drumming. Stephon attended and entertained countless engagements from exhibit openings, to ribbon cuttings and after school programs.

Another personal influence is an indie legend and music business coach- Bad Seed. He learned a lot from Seed; being a vet and signed to a major with the Big 3 at the time. Over time, Seed would introduce Stephon to the untold stories of his favorite era in Hip-Hop, often dubbed “The Golden Era.”

Stephon built an early following with his unique, lyrical ability and rap cadence. Being from a smaller town and limited to the resources it could provide, he began hustling. Luckily, soon after, with the support of local radio Hot 99.1, his single "Get The Bag" would gain enough to momentum to beat out the previously held record at the station and win song of the week for 8 weeks. "Get the Bag" charted Top 100 with Urban Radio.

As time goes on, with the guidance of community leaders and activists; Stephon organized many talented artists from Albany, NY, and abroad for the city's first Hip Hop and creative arts festival. To be elected as the festival talent scout and Creative Director was a pivotal point for Stephon in his musical career. Later, with a big push from his family and friends, Stephon would finance a unique Art gallery in his hometown. The Gallery hosts a collaboration of Fine Art and Street Art. This was inspired and imagined after attending some shows styled by Swiss Beats and Dame Dash who he credits as Hip-Hop pioneers to the scene. Be sure to connect with Stephon Broadway on social media and digital music platforms.

The Gallery hosted many young artists and rising talent within the city and abroad. Empire Gala- located in the quintessential Lark Street area- would have its opening reception for hundreds and includes all of his family, friends, and supporters.

Following a great response and with success to the pop-up, things began to shift, and almost overnight what he remembered as a child began to reimagine. He is humbly reminded of its impact and contribution throughout the city scene.


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