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Hip-Hop Artist Dapo releases his latest project "King II"

North Babylon native, Dylan Daponte, or "Dapo" is a 20-year-old hip hop artist. Dapo grew up with his divorced mother and father but his mother mostly took care of him. When Dapo was in middle school, he chooses to take up rap music as a hobby. Although his mother wasn't a huge Rap or Hip-Hop fan, Dapo couldn't be any more different from influences like Eminem, Kanye West, Akon, and J. Cole. The young Dapo began writing lyrics but never shared his accomplishments with anyone including his close friends. His friends encourage him to take his writing and music more seriously. Shortly after, he decides to release his first song. According to almost everybody, it was an epic fail. Dapo was clowned-made fun of-counted out-even by most of his friends-who encouraged him in the first place. After the debut single backlash, Dapo chooses to focus on his music full-time. He loves the craft so much that he begins to lose sleep and stops hanging out with friends. 

About two years later, Dapo completes and releases his first real project titled "King." In 2018, he felt that he had to prove that he is a contender in the Hip-Hop world. Every conversation that he had, he explained why he belonged for 50 minutes and being the best at it. Miraculously, people started to believe in him more after seeing that he still had life in him.  Recently, Dapo announces his label "Raw Music Entertainment." The label features artists such as King Cxge, Logan, Merc, Hief-just to name a few. After another 2 years of countless singles, two projects, and countless days working-he releases the second installment of his now-signature album series "King II". 'The Weekly Beat' reviewed " King II" saying "from start to finish, the album is energizing and captivating". "King II" currently has done almost 25,000 streams across all platforms. 

Lately, Dapo always seems to have a chip on his shoulder due to being counted out so early by so many. He continues to try and remind people that he belongs in this music game, even after being told by his peers, he was great. Despite the complexities in Hip-Hop, he will always want to go above and beyond to prove more than he needs to. There is no ceiling for Dapo, he wants to go higher and higher and doesn't plan on slowing down. He wants to be something we see rarely, he wants to push the culture forward. He won't stop till he can say he has done that and more.
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