East Coast Rapper, Your Friend Jaden releases his latest single, "Perspective"

Your Friend Jaden is a 14-year-old artist coming from the rural parts of New Jersey. At the age of 12, Jaden begins to have an interest in music and starts to play the guitar. Playing the guitar piqued his interest in other genres of music including Metal, HipHop, Alternative Rock, and Indie music. 
Originally, Your Friend Jaden strives to be a singer and would consistently write songs that were not good enough in his eye. Suddenly at a moment, he's drawn to rapping instead of singing. In February of 2019, Jaden finally decides to rap and dives deeper into Hip-Hop and Rap. He would listen to artists ranging from Eminem to Tyler, The Creator. 

Your Friend Jaden has always had a passion for making music that isn’t the traditional sound that you would hear on the radio. His goal is to offer his fans something different from what other rappers and singers are doing. Often, Jaden makes music that will test the limits of his creativity. He wants to be known for something that will change people’s lives and the way they view the world. The eccentric part of him isn't surprising because he has always felt like he was a little different than his peers. Most of his childhood, he tried to fit in with other kids- he eventually gives up and just begins to be himself. 

Your Friend Jaden has a pretty good chance to meet his goals. All the things such as- getting what he wants in his life and reach that goal no matter what. Even though Your Friend Jaden is a young artist, he will continue to enjoy his craft, make good music and hopefully, it will bring him success in his future.

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