Midwest Up and Coming Rapper, Krypto sets Goals and Aims high

If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. Illinois native, Krypto is a 22-year-old rapper who grew up in the city of Rockford. The neighborhoods in the city and other life experiences-good and bad- have made him into who he is today.

At the tender age of four, Krypto took an interest in music. His passion fuels his focus and determination to build on and perfect his craft. The primary goal is to grow and reach more potential during his music career.

"Music is a huge inspiration in my life because it tells who you are. I write down how I feel and the situations that I go through, things I have seen."~Krypto

Krypto is one of many Hip-hop artists that has released less than 10 songs. His music arsenal contains over 450 finished projects that have yet to be released. Krypto is making moves every day to establish a larger fanbase. Remember his name because he's heading down a path that could change his life- Forever. Be sure to connect with him on social media and digital music platforms to stay informed.

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