International Artist, Eagle Owl Fans await the release of his next project, "Struggle"

eagle owl

Eagle Owl, the International Youtuber, and upcoming rapper is making an impact in his hometown. With influences such as G-Eazy, Eminem, KILLY, Lil Peep, Quadeca -the Winnipeg rapper has a potential career. The Canadian rapper starts music at a very young age. He joins the choir in his church, school plays, and a band. In the year of 2017, the young Eagle Owl shifts gears and begins to rap -releasing his first project, "The World is." Several years later, EO takes his music more serious than the early years of his career. Early in the summer of 2019, he hints at music releases with teasers on social media. It wasn't long before fans wanted to hear more from the artist. The single, "Exist" drops on the worldwide web and takes flight. Currently, the single has over 1500 listens to date on the digital music platform-Spotify.
"We grow because we struggle in life"~Eagle Owl
  Moving forward, Eagle Owl wants to deliver relatable topics -highlight moments, heartbreaks, and life lessons to his fans. He is determined on reaching his true sound. Writing lyrics with a hard hook that pulls on the heartstrings is something that the young Winnepeg native can accomplish.  He is continuing to grow in his city but is striving to meet and potentially work alongside his influences. We ask that you pre-save Eagle Owl's brand new song, "Struggle" Also, gain access to the brand new music video at https://show.co/Ps6LUiM.


eagle owl


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