International Hip-Hop Artist, Stakdoe releases the visual to his single, "Real (City) Nxgga" 

Stakdoe or Stakky -as his friends call him- is a young hustler based in the streets of Montreal, Canada. Stakdoe, born in Sydney Australia and of Moroccan descent, was brought to the slums of Little Burgundy at the age of 3 years old. His passion for hip-hop forms at a young age when his English teachers told him - he had a gift with words and would turn out to something great- if he could stay out the streets. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay out the streets but his gift never betrayed him and grew with his love for hip-hop.

Stakdoe's name originates from the popular "John Doe" reference, which to him means “make money and be unknown”. In his teenage years, he performed in various local venues and opened for many major artists such as; BoneCrusher, Andre3000, Maino, Kidd Kidd, and many more. In his early twenties, he performed around the world in places like South Africa, Paris, and Morocco.

With over 80 music videos made and hundreds of features with local and international artists, Stakky has experience under the belt and connections throughout the city. His music comes from a poor place with big dreams. Rarely, Stakky raps about big cars and jewels. He has learned to incorporate metaphors and tongue-twisting wordplay
that has a meaning, story or background. Most importantly, there is only truth spoken in his verses. He refuses to record anything- he isn’t currently doing or done in the past-and rejects publishing that isn’t written by him and him only.

Lately, Stakky has been heard on radio stations across the city and featured in films like the Montreal hit, 'BUMRUSH' and on TV music channels like MusicPlus and Galaxy. HeakDoe dubbed Montreal as “the 4side” after the four greater regions of the city. Stakky calls himself - "The 4side Legend" which depicts his experience and infamy in the streets.

Currently, Stakdoe is working on his third EP "MONTRE4LEGEND2" which will be released in early 2020. Many covers and original content appears on SoundCloud, Datpiff, YouTube, Spotify, and most platforms. Be sure to connect with him on social media and subscribe to him on Youtube, and his Facebook page.


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