East Coast Artist, Cocky Streetz delivers "Pounds" to his fans on several digital music platforms

Cocky Streetz is a hip-hop artist from Rockingham, North Carolina. His sound is direct, punchy, and energetic. His charismatic flow reminds his audience of the greats of the genre, including Tupac, Money Man or even Jay Z- just to name a few. His recent release, “Pounds”, delivers a dope track that shows off his talented and massive lyrical skills. Cocky Streetz is Inspired by the world’s most successful CEOs and moguls. He is all about setting the bar higher - one song at a time!

Cocky Streetz stands out for eccentric tunes that are a great example of his uncommon lyrical prowess,  This multi-talented artist has the ability to turn a beat into a massive explosion of heavy grooves and infectious melodies. This skilled wordsmith knows a thing or two about creating dope rhymes, and he’s here to kill it, one verse at a time. Passion is the first element in his mix of genuine lyrics and powerful beats, and listeners will certainly notice from the get-go. Support his recent release, “Pounds”, and let us know your thoughts on his social media accounts and digital music platforms.

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