Hip-Hop Artist and Producer, Chill300 drops the visual to his latest single, "Hide"

  Multi-faceted artist, Chill 300 has been interested in music since he was a youngster. Chill's dad is the inspiration that piques his interest in beats. His dad was a DJ and was always working to provide for his family. When he was home, Chill would watch how his dad and DJ friends worked on the turntables playing music. 

 "My music is everything in my life right now it's all that I have to release my inner feelings." ~ Chill 300 

 Chill 300 slowly fell in love with the many facets of music which includes songwriting. and beatboxing. Briefly, it was a fascination but soon discovered that he could rhyme words instead. Many artists are inspired by many mainstream artists, but Chill isn't one of them. His influences are not a specific person, thing, or place. Oddly, his influence is the underdog whomever that might be. Chill 300 loves creating music and welcomes new fans daily. Be sure to connect with him on social media and digital music platforms.


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