[NEW MUSIC] OTTO - "DRIP IN SILENCE" | @mybvdhvbits

Hip-Hop Artist, Otto introduces his lead single, "Bite Down" from his debut album, "Drip In Silence"

  Seattle native, Otto is an artist with a BA in Audio. He has spent the last 5 years working in and out of studios around the Los Angeles area.
"Perfecting my craft while building relationships within the industry is the ultimate goal," says Otto.
While in Los Angeles, Otto works with several Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers including The Stereotypes at the Pacifique Recording Studio. He prides himself on being an all-around artist that can solely start a song from scratch and finish it. This “studio junkie” is an engineer, producer, and songwriter that never leaves the studio. His passion for music is intense. "I live and breathe music and continue to push the limits as an artist and overall enthusiast," says Otto. Recently, Otto completes his first project, "Drip In Silence" and is ready to show the game what it's been missing. His debut EP Drip In Silence is a project that he wrote, recorded, and produced every song. To complete the project, he hired Producer/ Engineer, Mixed by Fai to put the finishing touches on it. Put your seat belts on and prepare for the ride of a lifetime. Be sure to connect with this artist to remain in tune with his every move.


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