Florida's very own, Big D 3rd Ave's Finest releases his latest project, "Young and Reckless"

  Big D 3rd Ave's Finest was born and raised out of the 727 Saint Petersburg Florida, which is well known for the "Trigga City." Back in his high school days, He chose to rap and do songwriting. Performing a couple of local shows, here and there, proves that Big D didn't take the game seriously. Life circumstances occur and Big D had to make a choice. He chooses to take a break, ease away from street life and try to provide for his child. 

 Big D makes a comeback and teams up with another local artist, “Beezy Bear.” In 2011, the two paired up to drop “Ghetto Poetry” which gains a buzz. During the buzz, fans start to call them the next "Webbie and Boosie Bad Azz." In 2012, he follows up with his solo mixtapes “3RD AVE'S FINEST” and “SCRIPTUREZ OF A GANGSTA” back in 2013. Once again, He is blessed with more children and takes another break to get the family life right. Just recently, he drops his latest 14-track album/mixtape “Young and Reckless” which is available on all digital music platforms.

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